8th May 2012

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I’m gonna make you dinner tonight. It is going to be delicious and probably really bad for you. And I know you’ve been trying to watch what you eat, but you don’t have to worry about that tonight because I will fuck the calories out of you. Or, we can do some other kind of physical activity… if you want.
— Boyface (always such a romantic)

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18th March 2012

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Weirdest thing I saw today:

I casually glance out my bedroom window just in time to see a man in an Angry Birds costume walking across the parking lot to take out his trash. When he finished the chore he reentered MY building.

I have no idea who he was.

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14th February 2012

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I just put two new folders on my laptop desktop.

(and when I say “my laptop” I mean my boyfriend’s laptop that I use more than he does)

One folder says “PORN” and is full of pictures of Rick Astley.

The other says “Mandi’s Porn” and is full of pictures like this:

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7th December 2011


So my boyfriend made a phone call and walked away while I was telling him a story.

Didn’t say a word about it. Just dialed, answered and walked off to have a new conversation while I was basically mid-sentence. Luckily, our friend was still listening so I told him the story instead.

That was worse than the time he fell asleep mid-conversation.

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7th December 2011

Chat with 12 notes

This is only a portion of that conversation...

  • Caswell: I'm gonna punch you right in the face.
  • Me: Yeah, well. I'm gonna punch you in the dick.
  • Caswell: I see your dick punch and I raise you one vagina kick.
  • Me: Oooh. Tough. I'll have to contemplate this one a minute... alright. I see your vagina kick and raise you TWO dick punches and a nipple twist.
  • Caswell: I see your two dick punches and a nipple twist and raise you missing teeth.
  • Me: Yikes.

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14th September 2011

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Free High Fives
 A Cyanide & Happiness Comic


Free High Fives

 A Cyanide & Happiness Comic

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9th August 2011

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